Eco friendly hairbrush

  1. The keli eco friendly hairbrushes are made from compressed plant matter. They are 95% biodegradable and will degrade in compost within one year and landfill within five years. They are  gentle on your hair and will glide through knots with less pain and breakage.  The ergonomically designed brushes contour to the scalp while brushing giving a massage as well! They are a great detangling brush which can be used on wet or dry hair.  The larger size brush Is great for thicker hair and comes in a pretty mauve pink, a pastel green and a natural colour. The smaller size brush is great for younger kids and adults with sensitive scalps and comes in 3 colours. There is pink, mint green and natural. It’s also perfect to take in your handbag. Our oval flex brushes are in the larger size and come in black and white. The swirl design is great for men and women and thicker hair. You will love the feel of the brushes as they are soft on the scalp yet brush through knots without pulling and breaking the hair.

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